Introducing Helios

Your own music similarity search engine.

What is Helios?

The Helios Music Recommendation Engine is a powerful on-premise B2B technology that allows searching of large commercial music libraries by using music itself as the search key. The scientific research Helios was based on is extensive and draws upon topics in physics, mathematics, and computing science.

Helios works by analysing the actual sound of each audio track it’s provided. This is called sub-symbolic analysis. It does this by performing a complex digital signal processing analysis on both time and spectral domains. It actually listens to your music rather than just guesses based on a listener’s profile.

Flexible & Powerful

Commercial music libraries, digital jukeboxes, music stores, streaming services, catalogue management platforms, plugins for DJs, mix engineers, music supervisors, publishers, agencies, artists, managers, studios, public libraries, and more.

No Legal Drama

Don’t get sued. Helios never requires you to do something reckless like upload your music catalogue offsite. All of the metadata Helios generates based on your catalogue remains yours. Period.

Cost Effective

Flexible pricing suitable for the smallest studios to the largest record labels and commercial music libraries. Get unlimited software updates for as long as you’d like to continue using it.


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